Friday, 24 December 2010


A number of visitors to the site have been kind enough to say how much they like the look of the site and how it reads. Indeed, a Russian reader has asked me if I'd share some blogging tips and I'm very happy to do so.

Write, write, write ...

Blogs are very immediate. You can write, express and publish in minutes, if not seconds, but beware. Take the time to marshal your thoughts and pre-write your pieces. Then read them back to yourself and do some editing. It's easy to over-write and that can challenge readers' attention spans, but equally there will be times when you might under-write and not entirely spell out the case you're trying to make. If it's worth saying, then it's worth giving yourself the time and the space to think it through.

Text, text, text ...

Take advantage of the variety of fonts available on here and break away from the default if you want something that looks a little more distinctive.

In the same way , you can take advantage of the different font sizes. On this blog there are thousands of words and so I try to avoid making the page too text rich, so lots of paragraph breaks and a good large font are the order of the day for this particular editor.

Pictures, pictures, pictures ...

I always make sure that each post carries an image. The image makes an article stand out, gives an idea of the subject and reduces the imapct of too much text. Overall, it also helps the pages look busy and lively; and now with the new picture uploader inserting an image to your desired size and orientation couldn't be simpler.

However, a word of warning: 'copyright'!!  There are a million and one sites out there with images that are easy to download, not to mention shots you can scan on your flatbed.  Don't mean ya got the right to copy 'em!

Adult Content

Do bear in mind that the Google blogs are all together in one mixed bag.  To illustrate the point why not click on the 'next blog' tab at the top of the page.  If you do you'll head into a raft of 'our family', 'our new baby', 'our church' sites, so do bear in mind that your world is not necessarily their world.

You can easily apply 'content warning' notices to any section of a blog by indicating 'yes' in the 'Adult Content' box under the page settings.

This will also keep you sweet with the nice people at Google and save you hours of work should they be moved to diasable your blog.

In the meantime, happy blogging, one and all!

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